Custom Hero Cards

Here at Mod Squad Racing Media we pride ourselves in designing a card that exceeds your expectations.  We will work with you to get all the important information, sponsors and logos included.  We prefer to have a two week time frame to make sure we have adequate design and turn around time but we are able to do things 'in a pinch' possibly in only a few days if needed. We have multiple card sizes, styles and processes to fit almost any budget or requests.  Message us to let us know your needs. Please scroll below to see some of our previous works.  We look forward to hearing from and working with you!  #ModOn2019

Molleur Front Final
Molleur Back Final
Chase front 2018
Chase Back
Ternullo Front Final(1) wm
Joey Ternullo Hero Card Back final  2018
Front Patnode 2018 FRONT FINALwm
Front Patnode 2018 BACK FINAL
Kyle Bonsignore Front wm
Kyle Bonsignore back
JAMES 21 FRONT 2018 Final(1) wm
JAMES 21 Back 2018 final(1)
Robie 18 FRONT FINAL wm
Robie 18 BACK final
Racechoice Talon 18 front print  wm
Racechoice back Talon print final 18
PJ Peters Front 2018 FINAL wm
PJ Peters Back 2018 FINAL
Kyle james 16 front 2018 Final(1) wm
Kyle james 16 back 2018 Final(1)
Racechoice 2018 Sam final wm
Racechoice back  Sam 2018 final
Holdridge Front 2018 finalwm
Holdridge Back 2018 final
Angalace Front FINAL WM
Angalace back FINAL
Larose 18 hero front-final
Larose 18 hero back final
Mertz Pitkat Hero 2018
Mertz Pitkat 2018 Hero Back
Barrett Front of Hero Card
Barrett Back of Hero Card
Kimball 2018 front 2a PROOF 5
Kimballl 2018-back PROOF2
Bill McNeil Front Final
McNeil Hero Card Back Final
2018 HODGDON Back Final
Buzel Front Hero Card
Buzel Back of Hero Card
Gonyaw Front of Hero Card
Gonyaw Back of Hero Card
Hodgdon Proof Front of Hero Card
Pitkat Front of Hero Card
Pitkat Back of Hero Card
Pitkat Proof Front of Hero Card
Pitkat Proof Front of Hero Card
Pitkat Proof Front of Hero Card
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