May 4, 2017

At this point, we have all formed our opinions on where we stand in regards to what is going on with the the New London Waterford Speedbowl and what that will mean for each of us on a personal level when it comes to wanting to attend the track or not.  I know that there are plenty of people out there that just after reading that first statement will discontinue reading any more of this post because they are convinced that the track is a lost cause but for us we believe just the opposite.


We can say that we are truly disappointed to hear of the delay in opening and are choosing to be in the glass half full side of the argument.  We are keeping the faith that it is just that, a delay in opening not a postponement of what some seem to think is the inevitable.  It is not over till its over and we are hearing a lot of grumbling that it is far from over at this point.  We keep hoping every day that some small bit of good news is released, being patient is hard when you are waiting to hear the fate our track.


In the mean time while we wait, we decided to write this to ask everyone to take a step back.  We do understand that everyone has an opinion and won’t hold it against anyone who has decided to not go to the bowl when it does in fact open; if it is not under new ownership.  It is your right and we would respect anyone who decided not to go.   However, what we are asking is for everyone who is against going to the track to stop rallying others to do the same.


There is a whole second half to this situation that we believe some people maybe forgetting about.  The track is a second home to so many.  There are countless people that live for the opening of their home track and don’t think of it as anything other than ‘my track’.  The ownership and or management may have changed over the years but to those who attend weekly, be it as fans or to compete, it has never changed the fact that it is ‘our track’ not 'theirs' even if they do own it.  There are families that can talk about their kids growing up there, drivers who can tell you about how special the track is to them and fans who have created some of their favorite ‘race family’ memories there too. 


Our biggest fear is that the New London Waterford Speedbowl becomes another on the long list of tracks that hold so much history and so many memories that will be just that.  If this track is lost and sold to someone for development we will all wish that we could have done something to change that.  We would all be very disappointed to see another track go and become a distant memory just as Riverside, Danbury and others have become to so many.



What we are asking is for everyone to come together behind the fact that what ever we can do to help support and nurture racing should be done.  We are not on the winning side of this battle; once a track is gone it is done.  We are not likely so see another track pop up any time soon.  We can understand that this situation is not an easy one and not something that we are asking anyone to ignore.  What we are asking is that we try to stop the negative press around racing and let this work itself out.  There has been serious damage done so anything we can do now to support racing as a whole we should rally together and get it done.



We would like to make a call for ALL race fans -  go support the tracks we have.  IF there is a local track you have never been to, GO!  IF there is a series that looks like it could be of interest to you but not at your ‘normal’ track, GO!  IF you can find a way get to a new track and support a series, GO!!  If you have a chance to bring in some one new to watch a race young or old, DO IT!! This is a pretty cool community we have going here and it is our mission here at the Mod Squad Racing Media to bring a slice of what it is like behind the scene to the fans the best we can.  We do this all in hopes of keeping current fans involved and bringing in new faces as well!!



We wanted to throw these thoughts out there as the 2017 race season is just getting under way to urge you not to miss out but rather to be part of it.  Don’t let all the bad press leave a bad taste in your mouth – Keep supporting your tracks, drivers and fans. We are all in this together so for that reason alone we say #Bowlstrong #ModON -MT





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